Our Story

Do you feel most alive, with your throttle held wide? That’s exactly how we at MtnMotoCo feel. We’ve worked construction, fabrication, and Agriculture our whole lives thus far. We were never going to be the next king of Supercross but still wanted to fulfill the feeling, passion and burning desire inside that motorcycles instill in us.

We’ve always been interested in Moto apparel. When we were younger we wanted the cool swag our friends wore but couldn’t afford. After walking away from construction and hard life events that took place we knew it was time. Time to go after what truly fulfills us, a way to make it in the growing Moto industry. We traded work for the first 150 shirts and 100 hats to the local Screenprint shop, then donated the profits to the Texas Hurricane Relief and used what little we had left to drive a 30-year-old pickup to snow-bike races the winter of 2018 setting up booths selling what we had left on the next trade. We were hooked. This is as fulfilling to us as swinging a leg over our bikes.

Eventually, the trade work ran out and we were left scratching our heads, what’s next? Was that it? Something we’ve also always been curious about was taking the trades we knew and using them in the industry. In 2013 I spent a summer managing and building tracks at a local MX park while doing construction work on the side when I had the thought “what if I could do what I do here for a living?” Ironically we got a call to help a local race promoter and a neighboring promoter to come to build tracks and obstacle courses. It was clear as a bluebird day then. This is how we will do it.

After a few months of working dirt, obstacle courses, races, etc we were able to pick up a used Screenprint press and spent a few weeks learning Screenprinting. Now we can print in-house, cheaper, and faster. We design everything with pencil and paper, and then turn it over to our in-house graphic designer before spreading the ink ourselves right here in the Northwest. Motorcycles are our life here at MtnMotoCo.

When we’re not printing apparel, we’re building tracks and obstacles courses. Moto and Mountains are where we found our home. Whether it’s at the race track or freeriding the backcountry we ride it, print it, and send it. We’ve finally found how to do what we love, fueling your passion with ours!´´